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Websites that communicate
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It’s important that your website, alongside the other forms of graphic communication that you use, reflects the core values of your company and helps build confidence between you and your customers. Craig Westwood Design Services offer many years of experience of designing and building websites, and can suggest new and dynamic ways of representing your company, whilst providing you with a web solution that not only looks professional, but also which aims to inspire, attract customers and thus help generate new business.

Whether it’s your first ever website, or the latest update, then the challenges are numerous. How do I represent my company brand? How do I get my website to look attractive? How do I make the website work? How do I get search engines to look at my website? How can I really make my products sell? Craig Westwood Design Services offers ways to design and create your website with all these things in mind.

As well as website design and construction, Craig Westwood Design Services also offer supportive design services to enhance your website, such as static and animated banner construction, whether this is for internal display, shopping channels or search engine advertising.

Let’s make those website goals a reality. Give Craig a call on 0774 970 3086 or email